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*New* Painswick natural mindfulness walk

On Saturday 23rd July at 10am, I'll be guiding a Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk from the Patchwork Mouse where I've currently got an Art Exhibition.

The walk will show some of the art inspiration behind nature paintings displayed at the exhibition whilst we stroll through beautiful scenery, let go of stress and find awareness of the present moment.

I originally titled this outing the 'Fox cub walk' as when I ventured out at 8am one morning, walking through fields in Painswick, I came across a gate, behind which were three fox cubs jumping, playing and lying in the sun. I watched for around fifteen minutes before they finally noticed me. My camera didn't have a large enough zoom to capture the action but it was my 'David Attenborough moment' and one which I will always treasure.

Although the original walk was totally random, I've since re-walked it several times in exactly the same way. The ever changing scenery will include woods, a stream, rolling hills, breath taking views and the site of a Roman villa.

Throughout the walk we'll focus on how to deal with life's difficult decisions in a natural way, releasing anxiety and learn to live in the moment.

All around us, if we look closely, we can see how wildlife has many lessons to teach us. The trunk of this tree is a good example of how nature overcomes obstacles; the roots have adapted to the slipping bank, the tree thriving by retaining a grip and keeping its options open.

The walk will finish around lunchtime in the centre of Painswick. There are various places to eat & drink, such as The Patchwork Mouse or The Falcon.

Please arrive around 9:45am so that we can start the walk at 10am :-)

To join me one of the walks, it's £10pp or FREE if it will be your first Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk. To sign up for all the available walks, It's £20 per month (there are several walks during each month with other guides.)

For more information contact me on:

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