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New Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk in Painswick

Painswick stream

'Stream of Consciousness'

On Saturday 30th April, I'll be guiding my first Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk and where better to start than Painswick!

'Stream of Consciousness' encompasses one of my favourite walks along a hidden pathway toward the stream and waterfall at Kingsmill, starting from the Patchwork Mouse Art cafe at 10am and concluding at around 12pm.

I painted 'Yew & Me in Painswick' (below) around the time of the Art Couture Festival. I was inspired by the beautiful churchyard which has 99 yew trees; legend has it that the Devil will not permit the growth of the one hundredth tree...

Painswick yew trees churchyard

I will be having an Art exhibition in the Patchwork Mouse cafe from July 12th - August 22nd which coincides with the Art Couture Festival; a biennial event where the whole of Painswick becomes a hub of creativity and fashion, attended by celebrities such as Lily Allen.

Join me on Saturday April 30th for a mindful walk in nature that brings more clarity to thinking, bringing better balance to emotions, lifting spirits; boosting health and well being.

£10pp or FREE if it will be your first Cotswold Mindfulness walk.

It's £20 per month to sign up for all the available walks (currently there are 10 in April!)

If you're interested in this walk or to register, contact me on:

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