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'Stream of Consciousness' Painswick Mindfulness walk

Painswick natural mindfulness walk

My first Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk 'Stream of Consciousness' walk in Painswick (29/4/16). It was a great turnout and I was also lucky to have Karen Wills, Nikol De Prato and Faisal Khouja taking some great pictures as I guided the walk (that's me on the right.)

swan lake painswick natural mindfulness walk

Swan lake certainly didn't disappoint on the morning! After some hesitation at the far end, the swan flew right up to us and, though everyone saw this, it was Deborah Ovington who had the quickest camera reactions and took this photo.

This waterfall and stream video of the walk is kindly shared by Karen Wills.

The next Painswick walk will encompass the Slad Valley, which was made famous by the 'Cider with Rosie' author; Laurie Lee. Here is a glimpse of entering Slad through a magical door..

It's £20 per month to sign up for all the Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walks-

Otherwise each walk is £10pp or FREE if it will be your first Cotswold Mindfulness walk.

If you're interested in this walk or to register, contact me on:

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