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'Square Panoramas' New European cityscape oil paintings by Nick Pike at Wilks Restaurant, Br

New art exhibition at Michelin Star Restaurant, Wilks, featuring previously unseen work. My current style of painting translates panoramic scenes into square images, thus creating a new visual language and enabling the viewer to experience new perspectives of well known locations.

'Pero’s Bridge, Bristol'

Oil on canvas (60 x 60cm)

I have developed an art technique that I refer to as ‘Ghost Impressionism’, where the location becomes more recognisable than the people within. People float through the paintings and often are see-through, reflecting our brief presence on Earth. A good example of this painting style is 'Pero's Bridge, Bristol'. I became very aware of Munch's 'The Scream' whilst painting this and realised I was following a similar theme of social anxiety.

When joining Instagram, I discovered the best way to present my paintings was as square images. I enjoyed this challenge and found myself creating oil & charcoal portraits to suit these parameters - though at this point my landscape paintings just didn’t fit this format. When I had the idea of turning a panorama into a square, I began to realise it would have an instant dramatic effect. Like optical illusions, I understood that our eyes would adjust and accept this new perception of seeing.

Amsterdam oil painting

'De 9 Straatjes, Amsterdam'

Oil on canvas (60 x 60cm)

Square panorama oil painting of the picturesque canal-district area of Amsterdam. This artwork emphasises the colour and shape play between the tall, thin buildings and the light refractions at twilight.


The canvases displayed at Wilks are inspired by my travels around Britain and Europe, the locations are – Paris, Nice, Florence, Pisa, Amsterdam, London, Cheltenham & Bristol.


'Van Gogh & Gauguin - Lads Night Out'...

Van Gogh & Gauguin oil painting at Wilks_Bristol

Alongside 'Square Panoramas', I am also premiering the new artwork ‘Van Gogh & Gauguin – Lads Night Out’ (above, next to Wilks manager Christine and myself). The oil painting is a follow-up to ‘Van Gogh & Gauguin – Lads Night In’ which is now available as a limited edition print.)

Vincent Van Gogh was a great storyteller and I hope I have done justice with this closely researched reinterpretation of ‘Café Terrace at Night’. A blog explaining my thoughts behind the creation of this painting will be released shortly on my website…

The 'Square Panoramas' art exhibition continues until 25th August at Wilks Restaurant, 1-3 Chandos Road, Bristol, BS6 6PG.

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