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Snowdrop paintings & greeting cards - 30% discount!

Snowdrop Season is here again! To celebrate, the above offer will be available through my website until February 28th, 2021. Also Free P&P in the UK, with Covid-secure local delivery/collection. Click on this link for greeting cards.

This year, there is the added option of my handmade white frames on selected artworks (as displayed in 'Snowdrop/Raindrop' & 'Morning Frost' below).

Available in my online shop on Facebook , Instagram and Google, which links directly to my website's checkout page.


'Breaking Free' Oil on canvas (76 x 51cm)

Was £595 Now £416

This painting was inspired by an area of the Kings Mill stream in Painswick. I quite liked the idea of railings acting as prison bars that just couldn't hold the army of marching snowdrops in!


'Galanthus Elwesii' Oil on canvas (100 x 70cm)

Was £795 Now £556

This scene was painted entirely with sponges to show the delicate beauty and softness of these snowdrops. I wanted to give a hint of textile designer William Morris' style.


The Coming of Spring

Oil on canvas (50 x 50cm)

Was £450 Now £315

Bright yellow stems burst into snowdrops, while the first tree buds of spring shoot out into the blue sky. Using a loose style of painting with sponges allowed for a more abstract approach and signals a time of rapid change.



Oil on canvas (56 x 56cm - Framed)

Was £395 Now £301

Focusing on a single snowdrop after rain. Sponges were used for the background and flower, while the rain droplets were added with paintbrushes. The focal point became a raindrop falling from the petal on the left.


*New* Prinknash Abbey Snowdrops

Oil on canvas (30 x 40cm)

Introductory Price: £300

For this painting's inspiration, I decided to listen to 'Monk music' to tap into the atmosphere of Prinknash Abbey, which is home to Benedictine Monks. This began with Enigma's MCMXC a.D. album and ambient chanting, but the Spotify search suggestion also lead me to Theolonius Monk, so the artwork also has a jazz slant!


'Snowdrop Wonderland' Oil on canvas (140 x 70cm)

Was £1250 Now £875

The main picture shows a view into the Painswick Rococo Garden from the fields behind. The squirrel that takes centre stage was one day spotted outside the cafe window at the Garden, eating seeds next to a pumpkin that had been gorged! Two magpies also visit the garden each day - I included these for good luck..

The border design is inspired by Thomas Robins - an artist whose painting 'Painswick Rococo Garden' (below) is instrumental to the survival of the garden.


Morning Frost

Oil on canvas (56 x 56cm - Framed)

Was £375 Now £262

To me, snowdrops symbolise perfection, looking pure through the harsh weather. I wanted the viewer to actually feel cold whilst looking at this painting, with the deep blues and iced casing of the flowers.

This painting also has the option of adding a white timber frame.


Standing Out

Oil on canvas (41 x 41cm)

Was £350 Now £245

For this painting, I applied oil paint with sponges to colour the background and paintbrushes for the lower stems of each snowdrop. I used wax carvers toward the top of the flower stem, giving a more 3D effect. Finally, thick paint was applied with sponges to make the snowdrop head really stand out from the canvas.


Time Lapse video of Snowdrops Painting

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