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April Art Exhibition 'Nature in the Cotswolds' at The Felt Cafe in Brimscombe, Stroud

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

A collection of paintings, limited edition prints and greeting cards from all over the Cotswolds, including the Slad Valley, Guiting Power, Turkdean, Kineton, Stroud, Bisley, Brimscombe and my hometown of Painswick.

Canal Life

Oil on deep edge canvas (30 x 60cm)

At Brimscombe, walking the Thames and Severn Canal from The Felt Cafe to Ebley, I was stunned by how many trout were just below the surface. It was mesmerising to watch these ghostly shapes gracefully sway underwater.



Painswick en plein air

Oil on canvas board (42 x 34cm)

My day of en plein air painting, from finding the perfect place in Holcombe, Painswick, to squeezing tubes of paint straight onto the canvas and using palette knives to summon the spirit of Van Gogh..



Limited edition print (34 x 42cm - framed)


Spring Trumpets

Oil on canvas board (34 x 42cm - Framed)

For 'Spring Trumpets', I had my Van Gogh hat on and painted frenetically in an impressionistic manner, capturing the sunlight glistening off the daffodils, trying to speed up the arrival of Spring.



Oil on deep edge canvas (50 x 70cm)

This painting is inspired by a murder of crows, perching on the top of an old tree, keeping a lookout at sunset in the Slad Valley, very near Laurie Lee's childhood home.


Silver Woods

Oil on deep edge canvas (30 x 60cm)

This artwork is inspired by my discovery of a group of silver birch trees one frosty morning near The Malthouse, Stroud. Also available as a DL sized greeting card.


Clockwork Sporange

Oil on deep edge canvas (30 x 60cm)

This painting is of the inner workings of dandelion and its clocks. Sporange (a synonym of sporangium) is the name for the structure within which spores are produced. The dandelion is heterosporous, which means it has spores of two different sizes, microspores and megaspores. The word sporange comes closest to forming a perfect rhyme with orange (hence the wordplay of the controversial 1971 film 'A Clockwork Orange'). 


Lilac & Mauve

Oil on canvas board (34 x 42cm - Framed)

Did you know that 'Crocus' comes from the Greek word 'Krokos', which literally means Saffron. This spice is found in the stigmas of the Crocus sativus, most famously obtained from the small Greek town Krokos.

Follow this link for all original paintings in the Felt Cafe exhibition which runs from April 1st - 30th.

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