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Art Exhibition of New Iconic Portraits at Cotswold Cafe in Painswick

My latest exhibition is in 'The Patchwork Mouse' Art Cafe, which is literally just around the corner from my studio in Painswick!

‘Portraits in Painswick by Nick Pike’ is an exclusive collection of oil and charcoal portraits, featuring new depictions of Woody Allen, Audrey Tautou, Edith Piaf, Vincent Cassel, Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty, Omar Sharif and Donald Trump.

I'm sat under 'Yuri' here, a portrait of the legendary Omar Sharif, in a reinterpretation of a scene in the 1965 film Doctor Zhivago.

"By using cold, sorrowful blues and rigid strokes, I wanted to capture the inner turmoil of a man having just walked through the Siberian wasteland in high winter."

I was a fly on the wall last week whilst having a coffee in The Patchwork Mouse... Overhearing a table of six people mention Omar Sharif, I realised they were referring to my painting, then talked in-depth about 'Doctor Zhivago' and movies that have inspired some of my other portraits 😊.

My girlfriend also makes an appearance at the exhibition, standing next to an intimate portrait of her (also titled 'Rita'..).

I was told by the cafe co-owner David that a group went around The Patchwork Mouse identifying all the celebrities in each portrait but got stuck on this painting. Apparently one of them said; 'She's really well-known but I just can't remember who this is'!

'Rita'- A typical catwalk pose with gravity defying hair, subverted by being under water with washed out colours, mixing purity with mystique. The edge of the bath turns into an arch signifying strength, whilst retaining subtlety.

Other oil painted portraits include the dramatic two faces of David Bowie in 'Bowie : Reincarnation' (90 x 90cm) and another 1960's inspired film portrait - 'Bonnie & Clyde' (76 x 51cm)

The oil portraits are created almost entirely using sponges, which gives an intimate, yet bold result. Painting onto large, deep-edged canvases also gives a striking appearance making them the perfect statement of any room.

The charcoal portraits are created using thick, Khadi paper, made in Tibet, which gives a textured backdrop, enabling the use of an impressionistic style, whilst presenting an old, classic look, akin to sepia photography.

Every couple of weeks with our friends in Painswick, we hold ‘Woody nights’. From the first film Woody Allen made, we are watching and critiquing all of his films in chronological order. Theming each film in terms of food, we have toyed with the idea of inviting Woody one evening, but it only makes sense that he makes an appearance at my portrait exhibition!

'Woody Allen' - Charcoal on khadi paper (44 x 44cm - Framed in Black)

'Edith Piaf' - Charcoal on khadi paper (44 x 44cm - Framed in Black)

The Patchwork Mouse Art Cafe is run by Kaye & David, who always offer a friendly welcome and lovely coffee -

as illustrated by their exceptional trip advisor score.

Located at the centre of Painswick

(by the traffic lights in New Street)

The exhibition is on now until Monday 21st August.

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