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Exciting Painswick Art Exhibition during Art Couture Festival

My latest art exhibition is currently taking place at The Patchwork Mouse Art Cafe in Painswick, featuring several new artworks which have never been displayed. The exhibition coincides with the biennial Art Couture Festival.


Julianne Moore art portrait

'Julianne' (91 x 91cm on deep edge canvas) is a portrait of the American actress and Oscar winner, Julianne Moore. Her ethereal beauty and purity are captured in this painting which I completed literally days ago!



Also premiering is 'David'; through his illustrious life, the wisdom and intelligence of our greatest wildlife broadcaster, David Attenborough, is told through the knowing eyes in this portrait, humbly fitting into a 25 x 25cm canvas.



'Solitude' (76 x 100cm - Oil on deep edge canvas)

'Solitude' and 'Into the Light', which were inspired by walks around the Cotswolds make their first appearance at this exhibition and feature my girlfriend, Rita in Guiting Power and Painswick respectively.


'Into the Light'

'Into the Light' (76 x 51cm Oil on deep edge canvas)


In addition to Portraits and Nature paintings, I'm also showcasing my Parisian scenes, which are inspired by the streets of Montmartre and tell tales of life in the magical place where Van Gogh, Picasso & Dali once walked and the French film 'Amelie' was made...

'Rue Norvins, Montmartre' (60 x 60cm - Oil on deep edge canvas)


PRESS RELEASE from Wilts & Glos Standard

Click the Online Art Catalogue for more details of the exhibition



art couture

The Art Couture Festival is on Sunday 17th July, an event where the whole of Painswick becomes a hub of creativity and fashion, attended by celebrities such as Lily Allen.

The Patchwork Mouse, which is in the centre of the village, will be open throughout the Festival, ready with a friendly welcome, delicious cakes and great coffee!

The art exhibition at The Patchwork Mouse will continue until the 22nd August. Contact for any queries.

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