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⭐New⭐ 'Dalai Lama' Portrait

⭐New⭐ 'Dalai' Portrait. Oil on boxed canvas (90 x 90cm).

It's not often that I do purely happy paintings but I always find the spiritual leader of Tibet's smile contagious!

I chose to have rising daydreaming bubbles (like you get in cartoons) next to him to represent reaching a higher state; these also symbolise chakra orbs.

'Dalai' was created by applying oil paint with sponges to achieve sweeping and stirring movement onto a deep edge canvas. I have used this technique for many years now which results in subtle textures like that of a watercolour, whilst retaining a bold presence. The photo (below) shows a particularly productive morning!

Being able to relax and begin painting is often difficult; I find a short meditation beforehand is great for freeing the mind and opening it to possibilities. Find a great guide to meditation and interview by His Holiness the Dalai Lama here.

Price of 'Dalai' upon request. More large portraits and other art portfolios at my new website:

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