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Trump comes to London... Thankfully not in person.

Artist Nick Pike has created an art portrait of Donald Trump, transposing a landscape of trees which appear to be on fire. 'This Fall Is So Deep' was chosen for the 'Hope' exhibition at The Menier Gallery - on display until Saturday, March 2nd.

Trump oil portrait climate change

'This painting primarily represents Donald Trump's attitude toward climate change and the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. The title refers to the relative stability in the world under Barack Obama and the sharp contrast to President Trump.

The orange hot-head echoes the colour of the dead leaves below, whilst the evermore transparent woods appear to be the bulging veins of the worlds most powerful man, who was elected in the fall of 2016.

Hope for the future comes from the thought that Trump is just a forest fire that will fizzle out and fade away - a nature lover looks to another part of the landscape, free from this destructive influence. With the Democrats moving in to the House of Representatives and the Presidents former lawyer Michael Cohen's damning accusations, it really does feel that the net is finally closing in on Donald Trump.

I used a portrait landscape to emphasise the drop, whilst also blending a portrait and a landscape. The canvas is painted in oil, applied with sponges, palette knives are used in the foreground of leaves.' Nick Pike

Trump art portrait menier gallery

Exhibit Here's Hope Exhibition

Exhibit Here is an online art gallery and curator of exhibitions across London, founded by Fine Artist Leila Bibizadeh. Exhibit Here works tirelessly to provide regular exhibition opportunities throughout the year in prestigious galleries and venues. The exhibitions not only create a platform for artists to showcase their work, but they are also great networking events.

In our turbulent world art can provide a form of solace for many people, whether that's for the artist or the viewer. It allows us to release our inner thoughts and connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. Exhibit Here's Hope Exhibition will explore who/what gives people hope and/or what they are hopeful for.

To coincide with the works on display, Exhibit Here asked artists to write a short statement about their exhibited piece which conveys a positive message to connect with the viewer. This will be displayed alongside each artwork.

Above is the set-up and private view of the Hope exhibiton, below a map of The Menier Gallery.

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