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London Art Exhibition in Partridges, opposite Saatchi Gallery

My oil portraits of some familiar faces are currently on display at 'Partridges' 2-5 Duke of York Square, which faces the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.

The oil paintings featured are of David Bowie, Bjork, Alison Goldfrapp, Sigourney Weaver, Keith Richards & David Attenborough (both now sold). All portraits are painted in oil and applied with sponges onto deep edge canvases.

'Bjork' is the new addition since 'Keith' found a new home - he was actually bought by a great guy called Keith!

My girlfriend Rita and I arrived at Partridges at 9.30pm to begin arranging the paintings. It always seems so easy to put seven paintings on a wall but we are both perfectionists and find it so important that each portrait is hung exactly as we'd hoped... hence we left London at around 12.30am.

'Rita' is also displayed next to the music and movie stars...

'Rita'- A typical catwalk pose with gravity defying hair, subverted by being underwater with washed out colours, mixing purity with mystique. The edge of the bath turns into an arch signifying strength, whilst retaining subtlety.

Partridges were also arranging their store on this evening; displays for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year were being organised. With food and wines from Britain and around the globe, Partridges is one of the few family run food shops that still remains in Central London.

Partridges is situated opposite The Saatchi Art Gallery (below) in The Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London and is open each day from 8am - 10pm.

Contact me directly for any enquiries/sales on

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