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New snowdrop paintings at Painswick Rococo Garden by Cotswold artist Nick Pike

The ‘Snowdrop Wonderland’ art exhibition displays an eclectic collection of snowdrop paintings, each of which have their own characteristics. All of the settings and inspiration come from my hometown of Painswick and the last remaining Rococo Garden in Britain.

Painswick Rococo Garden Snowdrops painting

'Galanthus Elwesii' Oil on canvas (100 x 70cm)

This scene was painted entirely with sponges to show the delicate beauty and softness of these snowdrops. I wanted to give a hint of textile designer William Morris' style, who was highly influential in the Cotswolds.

Painswick Rococo Garden cafe art exhibition

Visitors to the Painswick Rococo Garden can expect to see a diverse range of painting styles at the exhibition (situated in the cafe), with representations and impressions of these much-loved flowers in the ever-changing light and weather conditions. I hope that each snowdrop painting will conjure different thoughts and emotions, also complementing the inspiring display in the garden..

Structures such as the Exedra, Red House (above) and Eagle House feature, as well as a squirrel and magpies, who are regularly spotted at the Garden...

Snowdrop Wonderland Rococo Garden painting

‘Snowdrop Wonderland’ Oil and acrylic on canvas (140 x 70cm)

The border design of the painting 'Snowdrop Wonderland' is inspired by Thomas Robins - an artist whose painting 'Painswick Rococo Garden' has been instrumental in the survival and possibly even conception of the garden. Robins would typically feature birds, animals and flowers into his paintings. I chose to use ivy, old man's beard, pine cones and acorns to adorn the border and be in keeping with the season.

Thomas Robins - 'Painswick Rococo Garden' (painted in 1748)

Along with original artwork, there are four greeting card designs available in the cafe and shop as shown below...

'The Coming of Spring' & 'Snowdrop, Raindrop', both 14.8cm square

'Breaking Free' & 'Galanthus Elwesii', both A6 size

Signed, limited edition prints are on sale at my website from just £45 including P&P!

Much of my inspiration comes from walking in nature. I'm a Cotswold Natural Mindfulness guide, leading walks which focus on enhancing the senses and on Saturday 24th February, I'll be hosting 'Perspectives of Painswick'.

The walk starts from the Rococo Garden cafe and also returns here, after venturing the beautiful woods, streams and snowdrops around Painswick.

Time-lapse of 'Organically Grown'

Time-lapse of 'Galanthus Elwesii'

These and other time-lapses are available to view on the 'Snowdrop Wonderland' online catalogue, as well as prices and information about each painting.

The ‘Snowdrop Wonderland’ Art Exhibition is from 10th January – 28th February.

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