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Picasso's View - behind the Montmartre Impressionist painting..

'Picasso's View'

Oil on boxed canvas (61 x 46cm) Original available £POA

I find the lights, reflections and atmosphere of the cafes in Montmartre endlessly inspiring. A scene similar to this painting would have actually been Pablo Picasso's view from his studio 'Le Bateau Lavoir', which is about 30 feet behind. 'Picasso's View' is currently displayed in the French restaurant L'Artisan.

'Le Bateau Lavoir' is translated as 'The Boat Wash-house' - coined by the poet Max Jacob, referring to the building's flimsy structure that used to sway in the storms like the boats on the Seine river.

A fire destroyed most of the building in May 1970, after which only the façade remained. It was completely rebuilt in 1978.

'Le Bateau Lavoir' also has the great importance of being the birthplace of 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon'- a painting that was a precursor to the Cubism movement. Here we see Picasso in his studio with African masks which heavily influenced this painting.

The building was also a meeting place for other groundbreaking artists such as Matisse, and Modigliani as well as literary giants and poets.

More of my Montmartre paintings at 'L'Artisan' French Restaurant, Cheltenham. Below is a video showing the installation of my artwork, all paintings displayed and restaurant owners Elisabeth & Yves.

More Parisian artwork at:

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