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Vibrant Art exhibition at French restaurant in Cheltenham

I'm currently exhibiting artwork at the Cheltenham French restaurant

L'Artisan, displaying new paintings; 'Neptune's Fountain' and 'Rue Norvins, Montmartre'.

My very first impressionist painting was a version of the famous statue in Cheltenham's Promenade (which is apparently based on the Trevi fountain in Rome). Many years later, I've given this version of 'Neptune's Fountain'

(above) a much more contemporary feel, whilst retaining the vibrancy of the original.

L'Artisan is listed in the top five Cheltenham restaurants (rated by Trip Advisor), this must be in part down to the friendliness of owners Elisabeth and Yves (pictured above).

On our first meeting, Yves was telling me of his passion for art and this seems to flow into the beautiful dishes he creates for the restaurant. I really enjoyed putting my paintings up with him; we were talking of our favourite artists, inspirations and he had some very interesting stories of a notorious artist he knew!

My artwork is displayed in the elegant upstairs dining area of L'Artisan and is a mix of Parisian, Interior and Portrait paintings. 'Rue Norvins, Montmartre' is the first French scene I've painted entirely with sponges.

'Interior' Oil on deep edge canvas (40 x 40cm) £245

All of my paintings at L'Artisan are for sale and available to view now. Prices and images are in the link below:

Online Catalogue

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