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'Art of Letting Go' workshops at the Natural Approach

'Take Back What's Yours' workshop - 27/4/16

Through a creative mix of art & music, this workshop explored what we'd lost; searching things we used to excel at, regaining confidence of our past and making sure that fire is always lit!

Four people created the picture (below) without knowledge of what was drawn before (like the game 'Consequences'). We thought this looked like a 1970's band poster!

I create soundscapes that are based on a particular theme which are played to a group of people who 'let go' of their inhibitions, interpreting the feelings they get through listening into drawing and generally expressing themselves. It is an alternative art therapy which, to my knowledge, isn't being practised anywhere else!

For the first time, I gave out 'Art of Letting Go' leaflets that detailed the themes, songs, audio clips, etc. which I put together to make the soundscapes that we draw from...


The 'Art of Letting Go' workshops are for a wide range of different people.

Themes I've covered include:

  • Changing Perspectives

  • Possibilities

  • Dissolving Fear

  • Taming Anxiety

  • Dreams from Childhood

  • Drawing in Nature

  • Eyes Wide Open

  • The Future You

  • Drawing in Nature


This section was in the 'Collaboration' section where two people worked on this. It's turned into a very strange piece which is just as interesting upside down!


This is a short video of the evening where Lorna and Roberta are drawing to a soundscape of Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile' overlaid with Mark Twain quotes provided by yours truly!

The next Art of Letting Go will be 'Design your Destiny' on 25/5/16 at The Natural Approach, Gloucester.

Through a creative mix of art & music, this workshop will explore how we can choose what our followed path will be. That history, fate and luck have very little to do with how we can focus our energies into what we truly excel at. The cost is £10pp. 12 places available. Click the button below to book a place.

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