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Soulful Art Exhibition at Nailsworth Cafe

‘Window to the Souls’ solo art exhibition at Hobbs House Bakery, Nailsworth.

A collection of Cotswold, Nature, Interior and People scenes by Nick Pike painted in oil with sponges from 22nd May – 1st July.

Nick Pike in his art studio with 'Soul Tree'

The contemporary paintings depict a number of souls – some human, some animal, occasionally dolls and even landscapes.

Through our imagination, we can give life and meaning to everything we see. This is multiplied when a window is added to provide another perspective or a different point of view.

'Daydream Believer'

Oil on canvas (12 x 30cm)

The exhibition explores aspects of daydreaming; an important but often overlooked activity. Einstein’s theory of relativity, Newton’s law of gravity and Archimedes’ ‘Eureka’ moment in the bath all came from relaxing and allowing the mind to wander…

'Nailsworth Market'

Oil on canvas (Framed - 108 x 44cm)

'Dramatic Entrance'

Oil on canvas (Framed - 108 x 44cm )

Established in the 1920s, Hobbs House Bakery is a true family business with four shops. The Nailsworth bakery has received numerous awards and lies in the heart of this beautiful Cotswold town.

The art exhibition is in the upstairs café area.

The cafe is open from 8am - 4pm Monday - Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

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